Ge-Halin – Quality

Process reliability as a construction concept

We not only speak about quality; we apply it from the very beginning. The combination of mature technology and the joy of innovation are the basis for top quality and process reliability.

Each and every step of the production process is regularly checked in the automation chain. As a result of this care, our machines typically have very long lives. We also maintain an extensive supply of replacement parts for our older systems. 

Our manufacturing approach allows us to respond flexibly to complex tasks and implement perfect solutions.

The safety-related standards of a Ge-Halin system include

  • Optoelectronic object scanning and testing for correct orientation

  • Control of feeding parts in automation

  • Control of work processes during filling and the closing procedure

  • Option of weighing after a work process

  • Option of recording internal operating data by means of future-proof interfaces

Quality "Made in Germany" – everywhere in the world

Regardless of where in the world a new Ge-Halin system is being installed, the experts from Flörsheim are on site during the assembly and set-up phase. We care about more than just the system. We do not call it a day until our customers are able to work with the system in way that completely satisfies their needs.


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