Ge-Halin – Product feeding systems

Feeding systems for products with the highest viscosity

A feeding system from Ge-Halin is perfectly harmonised to the customer's requirements: It always provides at least the output that is required for the relevant filling system. We develop the perfect solution for all commercial charging containers.

Our charging systems feature

  • Extremely high stability

  • Top efficiency

  • Very long service lives

  • High, reproducible dosing precision by means of constant operating pressure and even volume output

Ge-Halin provides

  • Customized production for single- and double-walled containers, drums, hobbocks and more, with a capacity ranging from 10 litres to 2,000 litres

  • Ground-level designs without baseplate preparation

  • Economical standard solutions for 200-litre covered drums

Ge-Halin charging systems deliver

  • Charging of all commercial one- and two-component filling systems


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