Ge-Halin – history

From craftsmanship to cutting edge technology

The history of Ge-Halin leads from a cobbler's workshop to a factory that produces filling and charging systems. Always part of the game: viscous substances.


Christian Gscheidle established a shop for bespoke shoes and shoe repair in Höchst am Main. 


Shoe factories make hand crafted shoes unprofitable. 


During the global economic crisis, it was important to save resources: leather goods were over-dyed or re-dyed several times. Since fast dyestuffs do not cover evenly and leather does not absorb opaque dyestuffs, Hermann Gscheidle made many trials to develop a leather dye – initially for his own use and later for selling the product itself with sales representatives.


Adam Weil married Erna Gscheidle and joined the company, which was called Gscheidle & Co. then. 

Shoe repair upon allocation and the company's popular work boots brought it through the Second World War.




After the Second World War, the wooden shoe production division collapsed, but the production of leather care agents allowed the company to survive. The company quickly expanded its product range by polish for furniture, metal and floors. Developed according to a patented system, its floor wax became a best-seller.


As a result of the growing popularity of carpeted floors, the demand for floor wax dropped. Easy-to-manage forms of floor wax were still in use – preferably packaged in plastic tubes. Adam Weil's son Herbert developed a machine designed to fill the tubes by means of pressure.

This laid the cornerstone for the production of filling and charging machines. 


The first charging machines with hydraulic dosing were designed.


The company produced the first fully automated machine for sealants.


After a fundamental re-structuring, the company changes its name to Ge-Halin Weil & Co. GmbH. It acquired patents for many charging, dosing and tube-closing technologies, which supported the company's development.


Since 1993, Herbert Weil and Hans-Jürgen Lauer have run Ge-Halin Weil & Co. GmbH together. Around 20 employees at the Wicker (Flörsheim) site and a representative in Great Britain supply customers around the world with filling and charging machines that perfectly satisfy their requirements. 

Ge-Halin has become the preferred destination for filling machines in the two-component market.

The name Ge-Halin

The name 'Ge-Halin' is a combination of the first letter of the founder's name, Gscheidle, and the H of its original location (Frankfurt-)Höchst. 

The Ge-Halin logo

When Ge-Halin developed its logo, figurative marks were very popular. The company decided to use the characteristic silhouette of a turkey as its heraldic animal.


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